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Restaurant at the farmstead

Savour our specialties.

We serve delicious, homemade meals for you Thursday through Sunday. We cook with love, mainly using the ingredients that grow in our garden. This means that our menu changes on a regular basis.

Restaurant opening times

Monday - WednesdayClosed
Thursday - Saturday11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Sunday11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Current menu

Duck pâté with cranberry jam, bread89 CZK
Home-made spread, bread59 CZK
Cream soup Kulajda with quail egg45 CZK
Soup from daily offer
Main courses
Beef sirlion, cream sauce and dumplings150 CZK
Grilled pork skewer, potatoes with cabbage, pepper sauce185 CZK
Penne with basil pesto, cherry tomatoes and grilled pieces of salmon165 CZK
Pork tenderloin, plum sauce, grilled vegetables and roasted potato-pumpkin cake205 CZK
Turkey breast tandoori, yogurt-lemon sauce, couscous and small lettuce185 CZK
Salad with goat cheese, roasted beetroot, potatoes and caramelized walnuts with balsamic reduction
140 CZK
Food of the day
Home cake or strudel according to current offer40 CZK
Cheesecake69 CZK
Gingerbread cake69 CZK

The restaurant

The rustic surroundings of our restaurant and cosy yard will remind you how comfortable you were visiting your grandmother during the summer. Turn your face to the sun and allow yourself to be enticed by the smell of coffee and pastries that have just been taken out the oven. Or sip on a delicious glass of beer or some refreshing lemonade.

Parties and weddings

We will provide you with the perfect stage for your big day, whatever that might be. We offer archive wine from our cellar as a toast and will arrange tastings of beer from Antoš brewery to relax the mood. Let us know in advance and we will prepare a feast for you for up to 100 guests, all in line with your wishes.

Interested in staying at Luníkov Farmstead?

Then call us or write to us. We look forward to seeing you.