Trips and activities

Discover places you have never seen before. Let us tell you the remarkable stories of the surrounding landscape. We will show you the most beautiful places for you to visit on foot or by bicycle.

Jízda na koni a rybaření

Horse riding and fishing

We will be more than happy to arrange a horse ride for you, allowing you to see the surrounding landscape from a different perspective. Local fishermen, meanwhile, will teach you how to catch fish at a picturesque pond, because there is nothing better than your own catch.

Bicycle rides

We will lend you a bike and show you the most attractive routes to take. You can head for the chateau in Nelahozeves, the Cold War Museum in Zvoleněves, the spa of Lázně Mšené, the country markets of Ředhošť, the fruit trail close to Slaný and Slaný Mountain, or simply take in the breath-taking panorama of the Bohemian Uplands (České středohoří). There is also a comfortable cycle path leading all the way to Prague.

Vyjížďky na kole
Pravěká turistika

Prehistoric tourism

The area around Luníkov abounds with history. To this day you can find the rare legacy of ancient times: Říp Mountain, the archaeological site at Bečovské křemence, the line of stones known as Kounovské řady or the mysterious monoliths, where it is as if time has stood still.



Whether you are organising corporate training or are looking for unusual surroundings for your natural history lesson, you will find plenty of room right here with us. We have a room with overhead projector and microscope, a covered outdoor classroom and a special kitchen for cooking lessons.

Sit around the fire

What would a school trip or teambuilding event be without the chance to roast sausages over an open fire? We have comfortable seating round an outdoor fireplace, where you can play the guitar and sing together, or simply look up at the stars. And if you fancy sleeping in the great outdoors, our lawn is the softest in the area.

Educational garden

Would you like to show your students where the herbs, vegetables and fruit they are used to seeing at supermarket counters come from? We will take them through the garden, where we grow all kinds of plants, and let them taste whatever they pick themselves.

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